• Mission/Vision/Goals
  • History
  • Ecological Profile
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide for adequate and responsive services to enable our citizens to live in comfort, security, and prosperity, through maximum utilization of resources, active people’s participation, active partnership with government organization and the private sector and dedicated public services.

Our Vision

We envision a La Trinidad that is dynamic, self-sustaining, ecologically balanced and peaceful where God-loving and healthy people live in an atmosphere of social justice and effective governance.

Our Goals

Good Governance:
• Honesty, accountability, transparency, and citizen’s participation in government;
• Transparent generation and judicious use of public funds;
• Highest standard of public service from all public servants;
• Institutionalize people’s participation in government programs;
• Partner with local and international links for effective, efficient and innovative services;
• Using research , monitoring and evaluation in development planning;
• Institutionalize gender and development in service delivery;

Social Development:
• Mainstreaming poverty reduction, empowerment of the poor and the vulnerable groups in government programs;
• Just and lasting peace under the rule of law
• Effective, efficient and innovative delivery of social services in
• Health, Nutrition, and Sanitation
• Quality Education
• Social Welfare

Economic Development:
• For La Trinidad to be a Premier Economic Hub in the Cordilleras and to be known as:
• One of the Premier Tourist Destinations in the Cordilleras
• “The Organic Farming Capital of the Cordilleras”;
• Sustaining its title “ Strawberry Capital of the Philippines;
• Sustaining its title “Rose Capital of the Philippines”
• Provided with basic infrastructure support facilities for socio-economic activities

Environmental Development:
• A community free from pollution within a preserved and enhanced natural environment
• where we prevent control and minimize the occurrence of destruction to life and property
• and protect the integrity of the environment within the context of climate change adaptation and mitigation.



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